Good Will Hunting


I know it’s only Thursday, but I have plans for you for the weekend already! This Saturday, City Grace is coming to BS! What’s City Grace? Think The Amazing Race, but local, and for charity. It’s a scavenger hunt kind of event that starts at the Belmont Pier, and it will take you all over Long Beach, but you’ll have to get clues to find out where you’ll be going. You get your clues by completing challenges. Here’s the cool part: each challenge requires you (and your team) to complete a task that provides direct benefit to our community. Think helping out in a food kitchen, picking up trash from the beach, or even assisting in a community garden. City Grace is founded on the simple premise that having fun and doing good are not mutually exclusive, but best achieved when performed together. What better way to spend a Saturday than enjoying the outdoors, getting in some exercise, having fun and benefitting our community?! Heck, you might even learn a little something about our city or yourself…









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