Probably the first thing people think about when they think of California is surfing. As we all know, Long Beach doesn’t have the best surfing. OK, we have no surfing. But we do have beach volleyball! (Did you know that SoCal is the birthplace of beach volleyball?!) And we are lucky enough once again to be hosting the World Series of Beach Volleyball this weekend (starting tomorrow.) No, it’s not happening in BS, but just hop on your bike and ride down the beach bike path, and you’re there! Top beach volleyball players from all over the world compete for huge prize money in an FIVB Grand Slam event.  This year’s event will showcase the best athletes in the world in an exciting new USA vs. The World style format. The tournament will feature top USA and International Olympic athletes competing head to head. Fans are invited to come out and watch, as well as compete in open 4s and 6s tournaments. The WSOBV also features live performances by amazing bands throughout the week as well as food & drink, celebrity appearances, shopping and more. Whether you want to compete, or just watch, it’s a great excuse to hang out at the beach. Like you need an excuse…





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